New tracked midi from JCB

By Chris Sleight08 June 2015

JCB used the Plantworx exhibition to add a 9 tonne class tracked unit to its midi excavator line-up. The company now offers six machines in the 6 –10 tonne tracked excavator segment.

The zero tailswing 90Z-1has a more powerful engine than the 8.6 tonne 86C-1 launched last year, but at 55 kW, it is still below the threshold for European Stage IV engine requirements, so does not require any exhaust aftertreatment such as a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

According to Rob White, product sales manager at JCB Compact Products, a key maintenance point is the 500 hour greasing interval. The 500 hours interval applies to every single greasing point. That is unique in the industry and it means you can tie-up your greasing with other servicing,” he said.

With an operating weight of 9,733 kg, the excavator shares the same width and height over the cab as the lighter 85Z-1/86C-1. The counterweight remains inside the width of the undercarriage at all times, making it a true zero tailswing machine.

The 90Z-1 offers maximum a digging depth of 4.15 m, a dump height of 5.42 m and a reach at ground level of 7.39 m. JCB added that a patented reduced loss hydraulic system operates with reduced back pressure, eliminating parasitic losses, while this hydraulic system puts less demand on the engine, reducing fuel consumption. All hoses feature O-ring face seal technology and are colour coded for rapid identification.

The 90Z-1 is available with a twin-locking, factory-fitted quickhitch system, incorporating a flashing red LED warning light on the boom that indicates quickhitch operation in progress. The machine will also be available from the factory with a roto/tilt function installed, ready for use with a number of rotating and tilting bucket mount systems.

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