New UK scaffolding guide for tubes and fittings

By Patrick Hill26 January 2009

National Access and Scaffolding Confederation

National Access and Scaffolding Confederation

The NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) in the UK has published its guidance note TG20:08 - A Guide to good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes and Fittings. It describes erection of that type of scaffolding to comply with European standard BS EN 12811-1, which supersedes BS 5973.

The trade association said that industry will soon adopt the new standard, even though the UK's Health and Safety Executive will not require compliance for two years. That period allows users to study, understand, and adopt the procedures, said the NASC.

Major changes of the guidance, according to NASC, are: in the processes used to design scaffolding structures, an increase in the fitting of façade/sway bracing to every six bays, an larger allowance of tie arrangements and alternatives for greater flexibility, and greater variation in allowed sheeted scaffolds.

However, the NASC said TG20:08's scope is wider than the previous version's. It allows more standard scaffold arrangements; for example, two inside boards. It also provides guidance for Putlog scaffolds.

The guidance is in two volumes: one for use by scaffolding contractors and one for use by scaffold designers. It costs £135 and can be ordered directly at:

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