Next Level Service

20 March 2008

IRN: How does a company the size of United Rentals improve its levels of service? MJK: We are always seeking to take our service to the next level. We look at our current customer service focus as a foundation, not a ceiling. It's very strong, but it can always be stronger. If a process change can make the customer experience more exceptional, we implement it. Recently we introduced new training programs to help our employees get into the mindset of customers and listen to them more astutely.

We know that inside every transaction there are 20 touch points that go well beyond the sales contact. Customer satisfaction depends on our hitting the mark at each one of these touch points. We believe in the value of benchmarking so that each branch, district and region has a handle on how its service performance measures against our objectives.

When you get customer service right, the payoffs are enormous. We have had large customers call us to supply remote jobsites that are 100 miles or more from our nearest branch. It is very important to these customers that United Rentals partners with them on jobs. We aspire to that kind of relationship with every customer. That's how you grow this business.

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