Nicolas side girder deck to Norway

21 December 2012

The new Nicolas side girder deck

The new Nicolas side girder deck

Norwegian transport company Statnett Transport AS has taken delivery of a new 350 tonne side girder deck.

The deck, designed by French vehicle manufacturer Nicolas, has a low dead weight and a length that ranges from 57 metres to more than 80 m. Each component can transport goods of up to 15 m in length, with widths of 4.3 m. The deck has hydraulic widening assistance of 2.30 m to 4.30 m and a total lift of 1.68 m.

The Statnett side girder deck is combined with a Nicolas MDEL-R. The deck can be coupled with 2 x 10 axle lines, 2 x 12 axle lines and 2 x 14 axle lines. Central beams include one set of 12.7 m long beams and another one of 15.5 m.

Safety factors include hydraulic tilting rails and moving floors (which are mounted on the top decks), cameras, noise protection and further hydraulic tools. Additionally, there are no high pressure hydraulic circuits inside the cabin.

The first convoy featuring the 350 tons side girder deck in combination with the Nicolas MDEL-R is planned to take place in October this year.

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