Nifty lets developments speak for themselves

By Maria Hadlow30 June 2009

Niftylift's first "true" bi-energy hybrid HR21 Hybrid AWD.

Niftylift's first "true" bi-energy hybrid HR21 Hybrid AWD.

UK manufacturer Niftylift chose the Vertikal Days exhibition to casually unveil five new developments. At the sun-soaked exhibition held last week at Haydock Park racecourse the Nifty HR21 Hybrid AWD; the DR 15 deck rider; a new toughened platform basket; a 15 m addition to the track mounted range and self levelling outriggers were all new this year.

The Nifty HR21 Hybrid AWD (all wheel drive) takes Niftylift's bi-energy models to the next level with a "true bi-energy system." The 20.7 m (68 ft) working height machine can operate as a diesel only and a battery only machine. However, because the electric motor will automatically boost the power when necessary the HR21 Hybrid can operate with a smaller engine (a Kubota 722 - 18Hp) reducing fuel consumption. An exhaust purification system further reduces gas, particulate and noise emissions. In addition the diesel engine can recharge the batteries without a mains power source in six hours.

Managing director, John Keely said "This machine is the Prius of the access industry, and the smaller engine contributes to this machine being the lightest in its class." Although the diesel engine is a Kubota, Mr Keely said that the hybrid technology in the machine has been developed by Niftylift; there are plans to extend the hybrid technology across the company's range.

The HR21 Hybrid AWD was shown with Niftylift's new toughened basket: the cage floor is made from very durable plastic and the cage can withstand attacks from a 14 lb sledge hammer, a 115 kg corner impact a gas torch and a flame cutter. The brutal assault can be seen on Niftylift's website. As well as resisting damage the new platform absorbs much of the force of an impact preventing damage to the boom. Should damage occur the rails can be replaced separately for a fast solution

Niftylift's DR 15, deck rider access platform has been jointly developed by Niftylift and a major steel erection company in conjunction with Gordon McGruer of Kardon Kontracts. The 15 m working height platform is designed to be used by steel erectors and sits safely on the steel beams of a building increasing safety and productivity. The machine is designed to be lifted in and out of the structure by crane and unlike most articulated aerial platforms can be moved up the building as the structure grows.

The DR15 has already been used in the construction of the Heron Tower in London and will be employed on the Shard of Glass (London Bridge Tower)

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