Nikken considers re-renting in USA

20 March 2008

Japanese rental giant Nikken is considering starting a re-rental business in North America, possibly focusing on aerial platforms and other rental-friendly items such as generators.

Nikken already has a subsidiary company in the US, Americ Corp, which procures products for its rental parent in Japan and also assembles portable fans for sale to rental companies worldwide.

Mr Masayoshi Seki, Nikken's director of corporate planning, told IRN that the company was considering several options for developing its US subsidiary, with re-rental being one of them. Another option would be for Nikken to acquire a rental company, although Mr Seki said that the high acquisition prices of US rental firms made that an expensive route.

“We are thinking how and when we should start”, said Mr Seki, “It is not a clear plan, but we have started some marketing research for such a possibility. Our priority is still our domestic [Japanese] market.”

See page 53 for our report on the Japanese rental market.

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