North American demolition industry on the up - just

03 March 2010

A survey recently carried out of National Demolition Association members in North America indicates that a spirit of cautious optimism reigns within the US and Canadian demolition industry.

According to the NDA, almost one third of respondents said that sales were expected to rise in 2010, with 25% expecting activity to be at very much the same level as 2009. Only 19% reported that they expected their activities to decline even further.

Where scrap values are concerned the position was more mixed, with 30% of NDA respondents expecting these to increase but another 30% expected little or no change, with the final third expressing no opinion.

In a statement, NDA executive director Mike Taylor said: "Our industry is in large part populated by entrepreneurs. While they are well acquainted with business realities, they also tend to be optimistic and look to opportunities even when the economy is so challenging."

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