Nummi Cranes to represent Ruthmann in Finland

By Maria Hadlow20 April 2011

High strength steel helps Ruthmann get 27 m on a 3.5 t truck.

High strength steel helps Ruthmann get 27 m on a 3.5 t truck.

German truck-mount specialist, Ruthmann has reactivated its alliance with Nummi Cranes OY. Nummi will be responsible for sales and service of Ruthmann's range of Steiger truck mounted aerial platforms in Finland helping Ruthmann to further expand its export business.

Nummi Cranes has been maintaining and servicing crane systems and aerial platforms in Finland for decades. The company also provides comprehensive IPAF training courses. In addition to its headquarters in Pori, Nummi Cranes has operations in the Finnish capital (Helsinki) and Tampere Jakotka.

Ruthmann says it is very excited about renewing the arrangement with Nummi Cranes. It believes the family-run business isthe perfect partner in order to attract new customer groups in Finland. Nummi Cranes sees the close collaboration with Ruthmann as a way to further expand the scope of its own business.

As part of an upcoming road show and in-house exhibition, Finnish customers and prospective buyers will soon be able to witness firsthand the features of Ruthmann's Steiger aerial platforms. Over the next few weeks, Nummi Cranes will be showcasing the Steiger TB 270.

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