Nurol towers in Abu Dhabi

By Christian Shelton15 January 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-based Nurol Construction Company has supplied two Raimondi luffers for work on the Corniche Tower jobsite in Abu Dhabi. The Raimondi LR165, part of Nurol’s existing fleet, is accompanied by an LR213 luffer recently purchased by Nurol.

The project involves the construction of new 35-storey, mixed-use tower on the prestigious Abu Dhabi waterfront.

According to Raimondi, the LR213 was selected for its lifting capacity of 14 tonnes and its versatility in areas where it is difficult to obtain permission to over sail or fly over neighbouring property. It has a 55 metre jib and a height under hook (HUH) of 45 m, which will eventually be increased to 187 m.

The LR165 has a 55 m jib and a HUH of 45 m. It will eventually be climbed to 172 m.

“This jobsite has multiple security restrictions together with an extremely congested set of high rise developments, so much of our team’s support focused on site planning ahead of the installations,” explained Wael Hasan, Middle East commercial director at Raimondi Cranes. “Later, we will be supporting this jobsite by dismantling the LR165 using the LR213 as a cost saving initiative, and to adhere to our client’s needs. Raimondi dedicated a considerable amount of technical support and technical study to propose this solution for our client. Due to the existing developments surrounding the jobsite, we were informed that mobile cranes are not permitted in the area. We then executed a study and came up with the solution of utilising the LR213 in the dismantling process.”

Raimondi provided a three-day training session for Nurol crane operators and the Corniche Tower jobsite is also subscribed to Raimondi Middle East’s monthly maintenance programme.


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