Off Grid Energy unveils new generators

By Sarah Ann McCay17 February 2014

An Off Grid Energy Grid to Go three-phase generator

An Off Grid Energy Grid to Go three-phase generator

UK-based hybrid power supplier, Off Grid Energy, launched two new hybrid generators at this year’s Executive Hire Show (EHS) in Coventry earlier this month.

The Grid to Go 3-3 phase and 3-1 phase generators are expected to attract interest in Off Grid Energy’s domestic market as well as overseas, with orders already being taken.

The 3-3 will be available in hree sizes up to 60 kVa, while the 3-1 versions come in 10, 16, 20 and 30 kVa sizes. The power packs combine battery packs and conventional disel gensets to reduce fuel consumption.

Off Grid Energy's managing director, Danny Jones, said: “Three-phase power has higher capacity, so the new models will be suitable for larger sites. With our technology proven, there is an appetite for higher output. Three-phase voltage is also more commonly used on the continent where our first orders for these new models have come from.”

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