Omme Lift keeps control simple

05 September 2011

Omme Lift designs its controllers with the minimum of levers and buttons to make it simple for users

Omme Lift designs its controllers with the minimum of levers and buttons to make it simple for users - these are the basket controls.

Tracked platforms have been considered to be difficult to use and were only rented with a skilled operator, however, manufacturers have been working hard on creating control systems that are more intuitive, which broadens the platform's scope of use.

Omme Lift says that its tracked platforms are as easy to use as a standard trailer lift, keeping buttons and levers to a minimum. "Although used a lot, multi-function controllers can be confusing for a not too experienced users," says the company.

Omme Lift believes that the control box layout should be as logical as possible and that users should be prevented automatically from carrying out operations that are not safe or advisable, "If you should not do it, it should not be possible."

Omme Lift also appreciates that sometimes it is difficult to instruct a long-term platform user in new methodologies and operating techniques. We can all be guilty of thinking we know it all. To combat this the company has a simple power-point presentation, using photographs and a very few words, which gets users started.

The power point presentation can be forwarded by e-mail to dealers, customers and end users. The material allows for example, rental companies to guide the user on site over the telephone in case of queries. Omme Lift says it is usually a small thing the operator has forgotten.

In addition Omme Lift provides load/unload instructions, for those transporting the machines. For example sometimes the delivery truck drivers have to unload the tracked platforms on their own. "For certain countries we put the load/unload instructions with the unit in order to not only help the driver, but also to prevent damage during the unloading exercise," says Omme

If it is the rental business delivering the truck to the end user some rental companies outsource the transport from depot to customer. Not all drivers are familiar with all types of equipment so the load/unload instructions are also made available here.

Omme Lift, says, "To match our motto (keep it simple) it is necessary to continue a close dialogue with the users, constantly use the new technology available, but - not get too fascinated about every possibility it provides, we aim to limit it to operational optimisation - as experienced from the user end."

You can read about other tracked platform controllers in the September issue of Access International.

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