On the road again. Developments and news from the truck mount sector

15 February 2011

Cela’s new DT21 21 m truck mount has been designed such that no part of the boom is above the cab wh

Cela’s new DT21 21 m truck mount has been designed such that no part of the boom is above the cab when the machine is in travelling mode

Development in vehicle mounted access platforms goes from strength to strength: at the compact end designers endeavour to get more height on smaller chassis, while the stretch for greater height goes on at the upper end. In between manufacturers are looking at green options, smoother motion and ergonomic packages.

DT21 very compact with flexible access

Cela's new DT21 21 m truck mount has been designed such that no part of the boom is above the cab when the machine is in travelling mode. Simone Scalabrini said that this machine could be the first in the beginning of a range of machines, "We may present new machines next year depending on how the market reacts to the concept.

"We are working on the potential of going higher and testing steels for suitability and then may mount on the bigger chassis 5.6 and 6 t."

The low profile of the DT21 is designed to make it easy to drive with a low centre of gravity, "It drives like a car," says Mr Scalabrini.

The boom has an up-and over height reach of 14 m with a 9.5 m outreach, and the basket can be lowered below street level. The basket has a 200 kg capacity and a +/- 90deg rotation and the configuration gives the operator access to balconies.

The basket can easily be elevated or descended parallel to a vertical wall while the electric controller allows multiple synchronised manoeuvres.

The outriggers can placed into three configurations for flexibility of use, but narrower positioning effects the working envelope. In the narrow position the outreach at the front and rear remains 9.5 m but lateral reach is reduced to 6.5 m. The outriggers can be set narrow on one side and fully extended on the other, in this configuration the 9.5 m outreach extends front and rear and over the opposite side of the fully extended outriggers. Fully extended outriggers allow the complete working envelope.

Isoli increases envelope on 3.5 t chassis

The new machine on the Isoli stand at SAIE was the PT 225 HE+HE, which has the largest working envelope of any of Isoli's machines mounted on a 3.5 t truck. The company was also keen to talk about its boom kits for export and ultra-light steel and versatility, which the company believes characterises all its truck mounted machines for 3.5 t and 6.0/7.5 t chassis.

The PT 225 HE+HE has four telescopic elements providing a 22.5 m working height and a 14 m outreach with a 230 kg payload and full H configured hydraulic outriggers. The machine was mounted on Nissan Cabstar at SAIE but is also available also on a Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter.

Gabriele Valli of Isoli said that this is an extremely versatile machine because it can be driven by anyone with a normal car driving licence, it has a very large working envelope in its class and is "lightening fast to set up."

"It is absolutely the correct machine for motorway bridge inspections, traffic light, traffic signs and gantry maintenance," said Mr Valli. The outriggers can be set in half jack, narrow jack or full open jack depending upon the location and the operations. "From wheels to jacked takes just few seconds with the computerised self levelling system [operated] from basket or ground controls. This means if you need to set the machine up many times down the street it will save considerable time and man-hours."

The PT 225 HE+HE is available with 1000 V protection or with water or air fed direct to the platform.

Isoli is also now producing platforms in kit form for export and is particularly seeking a partner is Australia. The kit includes all the boom components and the electric and hydraulic parts that are above the deck of the truck. Locally the partner will need to build the sub-frame, the stabilisers and assemble the boom on to the trucks. The partner will organise the distribution and the service.

The type of steel used on Isoli's small and medium sized platforms is SSAB a type of Swedish steel which is strong enough to be used with a thinner profile, which cuts down the weight and, said Mr Valli, "Allows higher platforms to be mounted on 3.5 t chassis."

Ruthmann enters design awards

German truck mount specialist Ruthmann has entered the design of its 27 m working height boom for the 2010 Swedish Steel Prize. Advanced high strength steel makes it possible for Ruthmann to create a boom that reaches to a 27 m working height and mount it on a truck within the 3.5 t weight class, the Steiger TB270. With a reach of 27 m, the small truck's reach has increased by 5 m compared to previous models, or 22%. Steiger TB270 has a 14.8 m outreach and a maximum cage capacity of 230 kg.

Blade divides businesses to specialise

UK company Blade Access has been sold for an undisclosed sum and will now be renamed Blade Access Specialists Ltd. The company will focus on the access rental market and, in particular, the truck mounted platform sector. Mark Bell will be a director of the new Specialists company.

The Blade Group of companies will now consist of Blade Access Specialists Ltd, Blade Access Window Cleaning LLP and Blade Access Maintenance Ltd. Two further companies will be developed to form part of the Blade Access group in the first quarter of 2011.

Mr Bell said, "In addition to our new specialists company, we have also taken delivery of yet another brand new Palfinger Wumag WT700. This new truck mounted platform has been introduced to our fleet as part of the Blade Access Specialists strategic growth plan."

Energy company invests in Altec green truck mounts

Fortum a leading energy company which focuses on the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim area, has bought two environmentally friendly Altec insulated aerial platforms from Altec's Scandinavian dealer, Gantic.

Fortum's activities encompass the generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heating and the operation and maintenance of power plants, the company employs 11500 people and in 2009 the company's sales were worth €5.4 billion

Gantic is the new name of Brodrene Jogensen, the sole distributor of, not only Altec truck mounts in Scandanavia, but also Niftylift, Skyjack and GSR. Tommy Jørgensen said, "This important decision by our client Fortum confirms that there now is a real choice for buyers and managers in this sector to choose an environmentally friendly product. Fortum have made a clear commitment with this significant investment in a highly sophisticated Altec product supporting green technology."

Fortum has selected two Altec TA60 insulated aerial platforms for working within a specialist live line environment. These units were mounted onto Unimog U5000L 4 x 4 chassis. Both vehicles are equipped with remote controlled 6 t capacity Sepson winches mounted onto the front and rear of each vehicle

The platforms have environmentally friendly battery power systems designed to offers a significant environmental benefit as the chassis' diesel engine can be turned off when using the aerial platforms. The Altec system uses fiber optic technology to support and integrate this special feature within their machines.

These insulated aerial platforms reduce noise and exhaust emissions at the work site. Additional benefits include significant fuel savings and reduction to engine wear with reduced running hours.

Harald Thomassen at Fortum said, "I have on several occasions worked with the purchase of Elverk platforms [insulated platforms] and seen a so-called 'green package'. I have previously ended up with hybrid systems on the platforms that were probably worse than running off a standard engine powered system. This time I decided that it was time to try a professionally supplied and installed "green package". It is gratifying to note that with these units we have satisfied all of our requirements for working live line and also respect our environmental targets with a very successful solution. This will be good for our operators who will be working in clean air, and it is also good for the third-person in general. "The mechanical structure of the lifts is exceptional. I have on two occasions visited these units during manufacture and final assembly. I have been continuingly impressed with the work quality of all of those involved.

"My opinion for many years has been that we needed a sophisticated Elverk [insulated aerial platform]. Other types of lifts that are not insulated should not come closer than 30 m to a power line, or from a live terminal facility. We already know that many lifts can be used in a non insulated environment and take care of work required in and around de energized station areas. We now have a live line solution that also meets and respects our environmental policy".

Mr Jørgensen of Gantic has found that many of the large companies in Norway make very high demands on its suppliers in respect their environmental and ethical policy. Mr Jørgensen says that Gantic has prioritised helping customers meet these requirements for a long period of time. "Development within this technology at Gantic has, therefore, been an important strategy for all of those involved within the business. The Aerial Platform division uses its extensive experience when creating customised, environmentally friendly solutions for the lift industry. "Fortum was among the first to customise its requirements and we, at Gantic, are pleased to have been chosen by Fortum - resulting in the production of these sophisticated Altec machines to meet the client's specific requirements."

GSR continues compact range

GSR's new E210PX is a compact model: 6.25 m long and 2.5 m high. The 20m working height boom is mounted on a 2.9 t Nissan Cabstar.

The machine has H-type jacking with a levelling capacity which can encompass a 10% gradient. Jacking can be extended on both or on a single side of the machine for working where space is very restricted.

The machine, Shown at SAIE is already in production with sales in the pipeline said Stefan Weber, GSR's sales manager, "We have had a good market response, it is a high spec [specification], compact option with a full spec performance and competitively priced.

Mr Weber said that GSR was continuing to invest in research and development and was planning more new products for the APEX exhibition in September 2011.

Cumberland to supply Altec and bespoke Socage

At SAIE Paul Murphy of UK truck mount specialist Cumberland Industries told Access International that the company has ended its relationship with Terex and is in the process of signing an agreement with Altec to mount its booms on trucks for the UK and Irish markets. The agreement is expected to be finalised at the end of the year.

Mr Murphy said that the company would no longer mount Terex platforms for the UK and Irish markets although the companies are yet to decide whether they will continue cooperating over machines for the Middle East. The company has had some success supplying machines into the region particularly Iraq.

Cumberland Industries has been working with Italian manufacturer Socage since February, particularly on bespoke machines. The companies have been cooperating on mounting the A314 platform on a Land Rover chassis.

Mr Murphy said that the company was now working on a package to supply the DA 20 Socage booms on an Iveco chassis for the utilities market.

Barin's new truck mount

Barin, most well known for its underbridge inspection units showed a new aerial platform model AP 73/35 J2. The 73 m working height machine is truck mounted on a 4-axle Volvo chassis, with a 35 m horizontal outreach.Barin says that the new machine is fitted with electronic devices, which allow the operators to carry out their job in full safety conditions. A spokesman at Barin said, "With such new machines, Barin places itself among the greatest manufacturers of aerial platforms in the world, in the same way as German and Finnish producers who have been leaders for years in the international market for such kind of equipment."

CTE puts new outriggers onto 20 m machine

CTE's new ZED 20 CH is a 20m articulated truck mount with a 9.2 m outreach with the stabilisation system which was introduced on the larger ZED 26 machine earlier in the year.

The vertical outriggers can be automatically deployed from the cab in a single movement.

The Zed family of machines has a controller which allows the basket to be raised and lowered vertically with a single movement. Controls are also proportional so the machine can be operated with three movements silultaneously and allow the machine to be accurately controlled by a less experienced user.

The machine is compact 5.56 m high and 9.2 m high when closed.

Oil&Steel brings three new machines to market

Oil & Steel brought three new truck mounts to SAIE two compacts and the new Eagle 6035.

The new Eagle 6035 with its 60 m working height and 35 m outreach replaces the Eagle 5634. Oil&Steel says it has embarked on a renovation of the whole Eagle range, which will accompany the new Eagle S series machines.

The Eagle 6035 is mounted on a 4-axle 32 ton (8x2) truck and the machine is 11.5 m long, 2.5 m wide and just under 4m high when in transport position. The relatively compact size make sthe machine suitable for work in city environments or in any situations where compact design and manoeuvrability are key features.

Oil&Steel has endeavored to keep the controls similar to those in the Eagle 5634 so established users will find the operation familiar.

The machine has capacity for 280 kg (three operators) or 500 kg (four operators).

The Snake 2815 compact has been developed in response to an increasing demand for self drive truck mounts. Oil&Steel has tried to maintain the features of its Snake 2512 Compact with increased height (27.5 m) and outreach (14.5 m).

The Snake 2815 Compact is mounted on a Mitsubishi Canter 6 t truck, contained in a 6.9 m long, 2.2 m wide and 2.9 m high package.

The base frame includes four enclosed outriggers, including two front ones mounted on extendable arms. The extension of one or both front outrigger arms increases machine outreach, in the respective areas of operation, by approx. 30%. However, the machine is still operational even when stabilised within its outer profile limits.

The third new product was an environmentally friendly Snake 2010 Compact Rent Edition called Evergreen, The machine has a hydraulic system working entirely with biodegradable oil, Oil & Steel says it demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility and environmental care.

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