One hundred-plus Hiab crane order

By Christian Shelton22 February 2017

Loader crane manufacturer Hiab, part of international cargo-handling specialist Cargotec, has signed a contract to supply a minimum of 100 Hiab light-range loader cranes for a leading wind turbine manufacturer in China. The order has a value of approximately €1.5 million (US$ 1.64 million) and was received at the end of January 2017. The equipment will be delivered throughout this year.

The loader cranes will primarily be used for lifting service and maintenance parts up to the wind turbines. The agreement also includes training for operators and service personnel. According to Hiab, the offshore wind energy is a booming industry and Asia is one of the major growth areas.

Peter Krimm, a spokesperson for Hiab, commented, “Our focus is to provide our customers with a high-performing safe crane and winch concept… the challenge is to work with a winch with a lifting height of about 100 metres in tough and windy offshore conditions."

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