Only 24% of firms sharing project data externally

By Andy Brown15 December 2022

The vast majority of those in the construction industry are using digital workflows to share project information internally but less then a quarter are doing so with other project stakeholders, according to new information released by Trimble and Dodge Construction.

The new report shows that nearly half of all respondents (48%) share 50% or more of their project data internally using digital workflows. Less than one quarter (24%) do so externally with other stakeholders on their projects.

The ability to share digital data effectively is a critical factor impacting the success of digital transformation in the construction industry.

Owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and specialty trades were all surveyed for the report.

Pete Large, senior vice president of Trimble Construction, said, “This research project with Dodge shows that teams and projects utilising digital workflows saw a substantial increase in project quality, supported by faster delivery and decreased delays related to rework.”

Despite the differences in their degree of use and how they engage with digital workflows, owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and specialty trade contractors all report the same key benefits from their use: more informed decision making, increased efficiency of internal processes and improved project outcomes of quality and faster delivery.

The research showed that those using digital workflows have more insight into how those processes impact their projects than those who do not use them.

“It is quite likely that the increased insight that comes with the use of digital workflows is one of the main reasons that so many report being able to make better-informed decisions,” said Donna Laquidara-Carr, industry insights research director at Dodge Construction Network.

“What is more exciting, though, is that this finding suggests that the digital transformation of the industry may be able to finally help the industry achieve the productivity gains that have proved so elusive over the years.”

Download the full report here

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