Ontario Formwork Association visits Raimondi Cranes

06 October 2016

Members of the Ontario Formwork Association visit Raimondi Cranes headquarters in Italy

Members of the Ontario Formwork Association visit Raimondi Cranes headquarters in Italy

Raimondi Cranes welcomed key members of the Ontario Formwork Association from Canada to its Italian headquarters.

The Canadian delegation, accompanied by official Canadian Raimondi Cranes agent, Meridion Group, experienced demonstrations and presentations that centered on the company’s research and development progress, its client-servicing segment, including bespoke detailing with aftersales care, and its North American expansion plans.

Mark Mungo, Meridion president, said, “The Ontario Formwork Association annually organises for its members to travel to various locations to promote our association, and to stay informed with respect to technological advancements in the construction sector.

"This year, we chose to visit Raimondi’s factory to learn about the manufacturing process, technological advancements in these tower cranes, and to operate and test the new LR213 luffing crane prototype.”

Mungo added, “Most importantly, I wanted our members to understand the benefits we have, thanks to the personal relationship with Raimondi’s engineering team. With projects in Canada becoming more and more challenging due to modern designs and logistics on urban sites, we were able to plan and design our tower crane configurations and internal climbing sequences directly with the factory.

“Secondly, I felt it was important for them to see that Raimondi incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and to test the new LR213 which I believe is the best crane available for the residential high-rise sector here in Canada.”

A tour of the facilities, yard and offices took place after presentations.

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