Palazzani focuses on digital infrastructure

26 May 2020


Palazzani XTJ52C working in Italy during the Covid-19 crises.

Italy-based tracked platform manufacturer Palazzani has called for a greater focus on digital infrastructure, including 5G telecommunications to help stabilise the economy, as it delivers a 52m platform suited for this type of work. 

Serena Mingardi, sales and marketing at Palazzani, said, ”The fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic will be severe for the economy of the most developed countries and, consequently, for the whole world. The magnitude of the global recession that lies ahead derives above all from the duration of the infection and from the way in which the financial authorities will respond to the health and social disaster.

Mingardi, adds, ”The most direct and effective way to fight the economic downturn remains the construction and maintenance of infrastructures and this is the only solution to stabilize growth, employment, unlock the potential growth and improve long-term competitiveness; the construction of infrastructure increases GDP and creates jobs, while their availability can increase productivity and promote both competition and cooperation.”

Mingardi, continued that in particular, infrastructure investments should be directed towards 5G telecommunications, artificial intelligence, ’industrial Internet’, smart cities, education and health care.

”During this emergency many of our customers have worked tirelessly to support right this sector, providing machines and workforce to speed up the installation of 5G and quickly improve communications, which in this period smart working, information, training and much more have stormed.”


Di Primio’s Palazzani XTJ52C in Abruzzo.

In recent weeks, a 52m working height Palazzani XTJ 52+ spider has been delivered to the rugged region of Abruzzo for the Di Primio Noleggi Company, based in Chieti.

Apart from its large working height, the model has an outreach of 19.5m, which is being increasingly required in Italy. The main applications are for the installation of 5G masts. The model’s Can Bus system automatically controls movenments, leading to time and fuel savings of more than 20%, said the company. 

Andrea Di Primio, owner of the rental company, said, “Today I crown my dream of having a high platform, 52m, with the possibility of using it in various environments. It is ideal for phone masts, but above all for the narrow medieval alleys of the towns in my region.”


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