Palazzani spiders a hit in Moscow

By Maria Hadlow27 March 2009

The 2.3 m ceiling in the Russian shopping centre creates no problem for the small stowed dimentions

The 2.3 m ceiling in the Russian shopping centre creates no problem for the small stowed dimentions of the Palazzani.

Italian manufactured Palazzani spider lifts are being put to work in a number of Moscow shopping centres for cleaning, maintenance and repair applications.

Russian rental company and equipment distributor, Ltech, is the dealer for Palazzani in Russia, the company reports that the numbers of orders has significantly increased in the last year. Palazzani spiders are widely used by shopping centres for repair and maintenance and although the machines are quite costly, the payback is fast and the machines retain a high residual value.

In Europe's largest underground shopping centre, Okhotny ryad in Moscow there are a number of decorative domes in the ceiling. The shopping centre management has found the use of a rented Palazzani TSJ 23C spider greatly increased the area of the domes they could reach for cleaning and maintenance and was much more quickly and efficiently deployed than the previously used scaffolding.

Management at Okhotny ryad liked the small stowed proportions of the TSJ 23C which allowed the machined to be manoeuvred through narrow corridors and stairs. The non-marking tyres kept the floors clean and the hybrid diesel/electric engine is low noise and suitable for indoor work.

Other Moscow shopping centres that have chosen Palazzani spiders are the European and the Grand.

The European bought two Palazzani's from Ltech in 2006 for facade and indoor maintenance. The warrantee on the two 34m working height TSJ 34C machines ran out last year and the customer chose to replace the machines with TSJ 39C which have a higher (39 m) working height.

The Grand furniture shop has over 140000 m2 of space, the Palazzani TSJ 39C that the shop bought in 2008 is used primarily for facade work and positioning promotional material on the roof and walls. This work is carried out more quickly and safely than with the previously used scaffold and truck mounts.

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