Paylor promises a 'listening' JLG

20 March 2008

Those skiers stranded on failed lifts of the Ruka Skiing Resort in Finland's Lapland near the Artic Circle must welcome the sight of the platform of the Avant Tecno Leguan125 TRD rising to rescue them.

The rough–terrain, traction, and cold weather capabilities of the 12 m working height, 1600 kg crawler, rented from Finnish company Ramirent, serve well when climbing the snow–covered hills of the resort, located near the Russian border. Temperatures there can fall to –15º C.

The ski areas of the resort are large and distant. Avant Tecno, based in Tampere, near Helsinki, designed a special sled, pulled by a Pisten Bully tractor, for transporting the 125 TRD from place to place. Avant launched this tracked version of its 125 series at APEX in 2005.

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