Peri's safety focus

21 February 2012

Peri’s new Up MDS shoring tower is equipped with working platforms hanging from handrails

Peri’s new Up MDS shoring tower is equipped with working platforms hanging from handrails

Peri is set to showcase a range of new products at Intermat with a focus of safety and efficiency. On display will be the company's Prokit satefy System EP110 - a new temporary edge protection system that has been designed with a low number of components to facilitate rapid assembly.

Measuring 1.1 m high, the Prokit EP 110 is said to prevent site personnel or objects and materials from falling off edges, stairs and other areas up to inclination angles of 10%. The set-up involves a 2.6 m long side mesh barrier, which weighs under 20 kg, a post and assembly feet for slabs or walls.

Peri said any edge length could be secured by overlapping variations of the mesh barrier, while a 1.30 m long side mesh barrier is also available for length compensations.

Peri said this low number of components simplified the assembly process and reduces material requirements and logistics. The company highlighted the fact that, if no mounting parts are permitted in the slab and drilling is not allowed, the Prokit Uniclamp PUC could be used to secure the product in place - a clamp which is attached using a quick jack nut to the slab or parapet.

In addition to the Prokit safety barrier, Peri will also be introducing its new shoring tower, Peri Up MDS. The shoring tower is equipped with working platforms hanging from the handrails and is said to provide a high level of security during the erection and the dismantling phases.

The company said the working platform hanging from the handrails imposes an automatic working position 1 m below the handrail.

"The platform always follow the top of the tower, their evolution is spontaneous, automatic and constant. The obligation to manipulate the platform from above completely changes the philosophy inside the tower," Peri said.

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