Pilosio makes bid for oil & gas

By Euan Youdale06 March 2014

Italian Scaffolding manufacturer Pilosio is ramping up its efforts in the North American market targeting Oil & Gas in Canada and the southern states of the USA.

The manufacturer is planning to expand in Ontario with a new facility to complement its existing holding company there and over the next two years will concentrate its efforts in that country.

However, it is also focusing on oil & gas producing states in the USA, including the 400 refineries between Texas and Louisiana, for which it will offer maintenance.

Pilosio says its longstanding quick coupling rosette system is ideal for quick set up in the oil and gas sector where downtime is very costly. The company says there will be massive growth in oil and gas over the next five years, but claims at the moment much of the scaffolding in the US originates from China.

During the next half decade Pilosio plans to take some of the $2.5 billion annual US scaffolding market and increase its current low market share.

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