Pioneer Pump launches solids handling vortex pump range

By Murray Pollok20 April 2015

Pioneer's Vortex pump on show at Intermat.

Pioneer's Vortex pump on show at Intermat.

Pioneer Pump surprised the pump community at Intermat with the launch of a new range of vortex impeller design pumps. The company has made its name designing enclosed impeller design models.

The new Vortex range – available in 100 mm, 150 and 200 mm sizes - will give Pioneer a range with solids handling capabilities for use on projects such as sewer bypasses, where ‘ragging’ is a common problem with non-Vortex designs.

Simon Ruffles, managing director of Pioneer Pump, told IRN that the launch of the new models was a “big step”, but would give it pumps very well suited to its own rental fleet as well as for sale to rental companies; “It’s another niche, where we need to handle stringy materials and rags.”

He told IRN: “The concept is to extend the modularity of the pump line, with the same engines and same canopies as previous models.” The 100 mm and a low-pressure 150 mm unit will both use Perkins 2.2 engines, while a high-pressure version of the 150 mm pump plus the 200 mm unit will use the JCB 444 engine.

“Hopefully with the three sizes we’ve got it right”, said Mr Ruffles, “The testing we’ve done has given us some pretty good results.” He estimated that the three sizes will cover 85% of rental requirements for this type of pump.

Pioneer has already added 40 of the new Vortex range to its own rental fleet and will use Intermat to show the new designs to rental customers in France and Europe.

Mr Ruffles said the pump would be available globally by the third quarter of this year, and there is the possibility of developing a 300 mm version in the future.

The new Pioneers pumps will compete head on with Selwood’s range of Seltorque solids handling vortex impeller pumps.

The launch of the Vortex pumps does not impact on Pioneer’s existing range of enclosed impeller designs, all of which will continue to be produced.

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