PM growth order

28 February 2008

The Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation has ordered 42 trucks from Iveco that will be fitted with hydraulic loader cranes from Italian manufacturer PM.

The € 1.4 million EEPC order to Iveco comprises 21 tractors and 21 tractor-trailers with rear-mounted cranes. PM has worked with Iveco for more than 20 years and evaluation of the most suitable cranes for this order started at the end of 2005.

Hydraulic systems are favoured over electronic ones due to easier maintenance, according to PM. Special testing and treatment was carried out, for example, on paint finishes, to increase resistance to abrasion by sand. A triple oil filter is used for the same reason. Maximum horizontal extension of the cranes is more than 12 m and vertical extension is 16 m.

PM Group companies are present in more than 100 countries. The Group, of which PM cranes account for 51% of revenue, registered a 19.4% rise in turnover to € 156.2 million for 2006. Of particular note was a 38.9% increase in exports, which were 56% of turnover in 2006. The largest increase came from Russia, South-East Asia, and South America, which account for 20% of overall turnover. Crane production was 4,200 units in 2006, the company claimed.

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