Pon consolidates, names CEO, and moves HQ

By Patrick Hill26 May 2009

Mr David Turner

Mr David Turner

Pon Holdings B.V. in The Netherlands has combined its global aerial lift, materials handling, and forklift equipment companies into one group: Pon Material Handling. The new company, which rents, sells, and services equipment, is consolidating its headquarters staff to Houston, Texas.

Privately-held Pon has named David Turner the CEO of the group, which formed in May. Mr Turner was most recently managing director of Pon Power in The Netherlands. Prior to that, from 2003 to 2007, he was chief executive of W&O Supply in Jacksonville, Florida, which Pon Holdings BV acquired in 1999.

Mr Turner replaces Donald Moes, who is retiring after 42 years in the material handling business in the US. Mr Moes served as CEO of Pon North America's Equipment Depot material handling group, which is being rolled into the new group.

"Combining all of Pon's material handling companies," said Mr Turner, "under one umbrella will give us the opportunity to adapt best practices from both continents and deploy our resources where they provide the best return. It also allows us to develop stronger relationships with customers and suppliers, whose operations are increasingly becoming global."

Pon Material Handling Group consists of 13 operating companies with sales of approximately US$1 billion in 2008. It has more than 2600 employees at 65 locations in eight countries in Europe and North America.

The Pon Material Handling group consists of the four Gunco rental companies - Gunco, HDW Nederland, Milcon, and Statech -- in western and central Europe and the five Equipment Depot material handling companies in North America. It also includes the four Motrac material handling companies - Motrac IT, Motrac Handling & Cleaning, Pelzer Fördertechnik, and Motrac Hydrauliek -- in western Europe.

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