Porce III: Facts and figures

27 February 2008

Construction start date January 2006
Completion date 2010/2011
Total contract value US$ 920 million
Contract 1 Dam and some tunnels, US$ 240 million
Contract 2 Powerhouse and some tunnels, US$ 209 million
Concrete faced rockfill dam
Height 151 m
Width at base 400 m
Crest length 426 m
Crest width 8 m
Fill 4.15 million m3
Diversion tunnel 98.4 m2 in section; 653 m long
Upper headrace tunnel 86.4 m2 in section, 12.3 km long
Lower headrace tunnel 86.4 m2 in section, 304 m long
Pressure shaft 83.3 m2 in section, 149 m long
Tailrace and restoration tunnel 90.8 m2, 828m5 m long
Adits 3 x 32.1 m2, totalling 1.87 km long
Power station
Hydrostatic head 322 m
Four x 172 MW Francis turbines
Annual generation 3106 GWh
Latest News
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Fifth annual event to be held in Louisville just prior to Utility Expo
Enter the ACT Specialized Lifting 50
On this list are companies that provide lifting and rigging services using such equipment as gantries, tower lifts, strand jacks, skates, rigger trucks and SPMTs. 
Bosch to take 12% stake in Husqvarna
Move intended to strengthen companies’ battery alliance