Porr merges Polish subsidiaries

11 May 2017

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Construction company Porr has officially merged its two Polish subsidiaries, Porr Polska Infrastructure and Porr Polska Construction, to become Porr SA.

With its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, the new fusion was said to be in response to expected further growth in the Polish market, according to Porr’s management.

Porr Polska Infrastructure specialised in infrastructure, energy and civil engineering, while Porr Polska Construction’s core competency was in constructing buildings and railways.

Porr said the combined enterprise would now cover every aspect of the modern construction industry as a full service provider.

The Austrian-based company said that Porr SA would be able to fulfil greater potential by exploiting synergies and making more effective use of expertise. Piotr Kledzik, the board member of Porr SA responsible for infrastructure, sees this as an opportunity to realise more demanding projects.

The company said it believed that local management played a key role in sustainable business growth and the consolidation of the company’s market position.

Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of Porr, said, “With its comprehensive knowledge of the market and clients, the management guarantees the efficient work, the effective expansion and the strengthening of our competitive advantages.”

Porr SA will have over 1,500 staff members and is expected to generate production output of over PLN2 billion (€475 million) in 2017.

This merger coincides with Porr’s 30th anniversary in Poland.


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