Potain towers over a dome

By Alex Dahm07 February 2019

Potain MD 689 M40 at work in France

Potain MD 689 M40 at work in France

A Potain MD 689 M40 top slewing conventional tower crane helped construct the BioDome at the ZooParc de Beauval in France.

It was installed on the Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher site in March 2018 and was nearing the end of the project at the time of writing in early February. With the glass installed the crane is due to be dismantled. It is the largest model in the MD series and on this job had a 60 metre jib and a capacity of 40 tonnes.

The BioDome will have space for 3,000 visitors and house komodo dragons, hippos and manatees.

Contractor CMF Groupe chose the MD 689 M40 for its high capacity and durability on long jobs, manufacturer Manitowoc said.


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