Power injection: new power tools from Hilti, DeWalt, Makita, Stihl and others

09 May 2012

Bosch's new rotary hammer.

Bosch's new rotary hammer.

IRN reports on new power tools from DeWalt, Makita, Stihl, Metabo, Robert Bosch and Hilti, including the ‘world's first' hand-held power tool to use electronic fuel injection.

Fuel system brings 20% improvement

Stihl says its new 14 inch TS 500i is not only the first cut-off saw to use electronic fuel injection but the very first hand held power tool to do so.

The German manufacturer says the technology brings a 20% improvement in performance over its predecessor, the TS 420, as well as a 0.7 kW increase in power output and increased torque over a wide speed range.

This improvement comes about because electronic fuel injection on the saw's two-stroke engine provides better control of fuel injection directly into the engine's crank chamber and better control of ignition timing.

"That means the engine performs optimally all the time, no matter the load it is under and delivers higher torque over a wider speed range", says Stihl, "Emissions are reduced thanks to greater combustion efficiency, and the engine is also tolerant of varying fuel grades."

A further added bonus, says the company is that the new technology has allowed it to change the construction of the saw, lightening the piston, which means less oscillating mass in the engine cylinder and a 20% decrease in engine vibrations. This means a vibration figure of 2.4 m/s2, allowing workers to use it throughout an 8 hour working day.

4.0 Ah battery first

Germany's Metabo says it is the first power tool manufacturer to offer 4.0 Ah batteries for its cordless power tools.

The new batteries offer 33% more run time on the standard 3.0 Ah batteries and are compatible with Metabo's entire 14.4 v and 18 v lithium-ion ‘slide in' battery cordless range, including products already in the field. The company says the longer working time gives workers "more freedom to roam".

Metabo says an additional benefit is that, as long as the same amount of work is carried out on average, users will not have to charge their batteries as often. Fewer recharges means the batteries will last longer and will result in lower replacement costs.

The 4.0 Ah batteries have the same weight and shape as the previous 3.0 Ah cells.

Hilti coring system

Hilti's new 150 mm (6 in) DD 150-U diamond coring system allows the operator to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions and in materials including reinforced concrete, brick, concrete block and natural stone.

Hilti says this versatility makes it a great choice for rental companies. The company says the drill's performance is optimum in wet drilling mode and is "the ultimate coring system for rig-based drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations, for cable trays and ducts and for the installation of railings and barriers."

In dry drilling mode it is ideal for applications such as drilling in masonry for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations.

Depth of cut

Makita says the 66 mm depth of cut on its new BHS630 18 v lithium-ion circular saw makes it the best performing 165 mm circular saw on the market, giving the same cutting depth as a 190 mm blade unit.

The company says this has been achieved by using a new housing design and positioning the drive shaft as low as possible to the base plate.

The saw's motor is also positioned on the left hand side, giving a clear view of the cutting line and suitable for either left or right handed operation. The saw has a 730 w motor that will run the blade up to 3100 rpm. At 45° the blade will cut 46 mm deep.

The tool, which weighs 3.5 kg, also incorporates twin LED job-lights and a blower system that clears the work piece to enhance accuracy.

Exceptional mitre saw

The new 305 mm (12 in) DWS780 slide mitre saw from DEWALT will provide "exceptional results" when cutting large timbers such as those used by roofers, fencers and general builders but also designed to be accurate enough for fine woodworking, says the manufacturer.

Features on the new saw, which updates the DW718, include the XPS Worklight System, which comprises an LED light within the blade casing that shines onto the blade, casting a shadow onto the work-piece showing exactly where the cut will be, even in bright light conditions.

One key feature of the lighting system is that it never needs recalibrated or adjusted. The saw has a 15 A motor that delivers a speed of 3800 rpm.

Bosch offers 25% more rotary power

The new generation Bosch rotary hammers provide 25% more power, impact energy and lifetime than the models they are replacing, claims the German manufacturer.

In addition to the increased power of the new professional GBH 2-24 D and GBH 2-24 DF models, which replace the GBH 2-23 RE, the hammers also now come with rotation stop for chiselling work. This broadens the range of applications and makes them suitable for "all round use", says Bosch.

Bosch says the new tools have a faster drilling rate and will also last longer than the 2-23 RE model, with an average working life of about 75000 holes, "which puts them among the longest lasting rotary hammers in the two-kilo class."

The tools have 790 w motors and impact energy is 2.7 joules (see specification table).

Meanwhile, Bosch has also recently added a new 10.8 v class tool, the GSB 10,8-2-LI Professional, which is says has the shortest design - just 189 mm - in its class.

Weighing just 1 kg, the tool is designed for small to medium screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling applications. It has a maximum torque of 30 newton meters, a maximum drilling diameter in wood of 19 mm, of 100 mm in steel, and a maxi¬mum screw diameter of 7 mm. It can also drill holes of up to 10 mm diameter in masonry using its impact drilling function.

Macrist drills

For drilling in tiles, Marcrist in the UK has developed the TDM1 tile drilling system for use with Marcrist's PG850 (wet) and PG750X (dry) tile drills.

The system can be supplied in either 220 V with RCD or 110 V versions, which means the machines are suitable for safe use in wet environments. The system kit includes the drilling machine, guide mechanism, wet or dry tile drills and masonry drills to match the tile drills, in a Marcrist carrying case.

The PG850 drills even the hardest types of tile, and is available with diameters of up to 112 mm. The PG750X dry drilling unit has a maximum drill diameter of 72 mm.

Vibration protection

UK vibration specialist Reactec says four of the UK's largest eight tool rental companies - GAP Group, Speedy Hire, A-Plant and Brandon Hire - are providing their customers with its HAVmeter safety monitors.

The HAVmeter monitors vibration exposure on individual tools, helping companies to ensure that employees do not exceed the vibration limits set in European regulations.

Jim O'Hagan, managing director of Reactec, said 2011 had been a tremendous year for the company; "One of our biggest successes has been to get some of the UK's leading tool hire firms committing to the HAVmeter system and providing the monitors to their customers."

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