Power plant uses Peri Up

By Sarah Ann McCay04 November 2013

The Peri Up system was used for the power plant construction in Eemshaven

The Peri Up system was used for the power plant construction in Eemshaven

Peri has installed its Peri Up Rosett Flex system for the construction of the Eemshaven power plant in the Netherlands.

The platforms were erected on two electric filters for flue gas desulphurisation, measuring 64 m long and 35 m high, to provide a safe position for workers carrying out welding and insulation work.

The 1600 MW Eemshaven power plant in the Dutch province of Groningen is scheduled to open in 2014, following a four-year build programme.

The modular scaffolding system can be assembled with the guardrail in advance, guaranteeing a high degree of safety from the start.

An externally fitted working scaffold with integrated 75 cm flights of stairs was also used for the final assembly of eight inlet ducts. The scaffold solution can be adjusted through its metric grid arrangement to suit the up to 4.5 m cantilevered funnel shape – in part, suspended from a gallows structure comprised of Peri Up system components.

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