Power to the people

By Lindsay Gale16 February 2015

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new range of generators that is says have been designed to provide a safe and stable power supply for every kind of worksite in the shape of the CPFG range. The new range offers two product lines – the Pro Line and the Standard line.

The former includes Professional, Advanced and Advanced+ models that the company said provides powerful performance for round-the-clock intensive heavy-duty applications with different functionality levels, depending on user requirements. The Standard line, for occasional use, contains a simple, straightforward petrol generator.

CPFG Professional models are designed for continuous usage and available either with a petrol or diesel engine. Users are protected by an optional Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) in both, while Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) is an option for the petrol-engine unit that ensures consistent electrical output.

The CPPG Advanced generator, again in petrol and diesel versions, is built for intensive, all day operation. The generator exhibits more advanced features and additional protection to extend its life expectancy and safety, making it particularly well suited to the rigours of the rental market. Alongside AVR, the CPPG Advanced model protects its users with an isometer protection and thermal protection circuit breaker, as well as incorporating an intuitive instrumentation panel, electric key start and a number of alarm and shutdown options.

The CPPG Advanced+ generator is enclosed and soundproofed for the most demanding, dusty or heavily populated locations, as well as complying with European noise regulations.

Commenting on the launch, product marketing manager (power) Daniel Escuer, said: “By launching our widest ever range of portable generators, we believe we can offer the construction industry the best possible choice, depending on their budget and their requirements. The models within both lines have different features but what they all have in common is reliable performance, robust build quality and simple operation to ensure users can complete their jobs quickly and effectively when on site. In this way they perfectly underline our position as a trusted partner for the construction industry globally.”

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