Precise Scissor

07 May 2008

Has the wheel been reinvented? That's what Airtrax, makers of the new Cobra omni-directional electric scissors, believes.

Making its debut at The Rental Show with three models – 19 ft (5.8 m), 32 ft (9.8 m) and 33 ft (10 m) working height models – the Cobra's special omni-directional wheels give users incredibly precise control over movements. The four 'wheels' are independently driven and comprise a steel hub surrounded with multiple polyurethane coated rollers.

The wheels have previously been seen on various MEC scissors, but this time the entire unit is manufactured by Airtrax, which is based in Blackwood, New Jersey, US.

The wheels, and the computerised controls that give it such smooth, precise movements, come at a price: the 1933 model has a list price of US$32810 (€22310)and the 3368 is just under $100000 (€68000), which represents a considerable increase over conventional machines.

Airtrax president and CEO, Robert Watson, told AI that “Our concept is to design machines that are maintenance free. We have the best scissor and that comes at a premium cost.”

If rental companies are scared off by the prices, there could well be interest in particular niche applications, such as aircraft maintenance. Aitrax said machines ordered in February would be delivered in July.

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