Premium crane series new from XCMG

A lineup of XCMG cranes in the new G2 premium series A lineup of XCMG cranes in the new G2 premium series at the factory in China. Photo: XCMG

China’s largest crane and construction equipment manufacturer XCMG has announced a premium crane brand called G2.

It said the move, launched on 8 April 2024, is a series of models aiming to create greater value for end users and to pioneer innovation. XCMG said it has brought to bear its crane experience and that from 300,000 users gained in the last 61 years into the new G2 brand.

G2 series crane models are designed to offer a number of improved features, including the following:

  • Reduced fuel consumption, by more than 20 per cent
  • Increased operational efficiency, up 20 %
  • Smoothness of operation and precise movement, up 30 %
  • Cabin with 10 % more space and a 15 % better field of view
  • Maintenance time reduced by 20 %
  • Reliability up by 20 %.

After its purchase of five all terrain cranes, a customer in Australia provided more than 200 suggestions for improvement, all now incorporated, the manufacturer said, contributing to the benefits of the new G2 series cranes.

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