President Xi visits XCMG

14 December 2017


President Xi Jinping at XCMG this week

China’s president Xi Jinping visited Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) last week in appreciation of the company’s continued innovation in construction equipment manufacturing.

It was the first time President Xi had visited XCMG or Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, where the company is headquartered. He was shown a range of its global products, which are developed in-house by XCMG and have more than thirty patents.

During his visit on 12 December President Xi expressed his admiration for the company and its dedication to innovation. He added that ideas and developments such as those found at XCMG formed the “backbone of China”.

President Xi also emphasized the importance of the real economy for a country as large as China. “China covers a huge region, so we must constantly pay attention to developing a thriving and stable real economy, rather than hyper focusing on one aspect of development or being too idealistic. A strong manufacturing industry is an important prerequisite for a strong real economy. Currently, we must especially focus on driving toward innovation, as well as mastering and fully utilising key technologies.”


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