Projects involving Liebherr cranes in the region include:

20 March 2008

• In Saudi Arabia, the Jamarat Bridge, a 1,500 m-long bridge constructed on four levels. Work began in 2005 and is due for completion within three years. At the time of writing there were 16units from the EC-H series of top-slewing cranes (four 280 EC-H and 12 of the 200 EC-H).

• In Dubai, 29 units of the EC-H top slewing cranes in the 180 to 280 tonne-metre range are working on construction of the Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping centre, which will have spaces for 1,200 businesses and 14,000 vehicles.

• Also in Dubai, work began on the Marina Mall project in March 2006, and is forecast for completion in December 2008. Comprising an eight-storey shopping centre with 150 shops, a hotel and apartment tower rising to 38 storeys, with 200 hotel rooms and 400 apartments, as well as restaurants, quayside facilities and parking, the development covers approximately 370,000 m2 and features eight 280 EC-H type cranes. Six of these havea maximum load capacity of 8 tonnes and the two others are configured with a maximum capacity of 16 tonnes.

• The Al Kazim Tower, two towers rising to approximately 265 m, with 53 storeys, primarily for commercial and residential use.

• Although the first Gulf War in 1991 severely damaged the growth potential in Kuwait, since 2005 various projects have been discussed, including construction of a 1,000 m building.

• Qatar is also poised for further development, and projects such the Asian Games and Pearl Island in 2006 led to the purchases of various HC-L series luffing jib tower cranes. Liebherr says the ambitious plans of the Qatari government and its powerful financial resources create expectations offurther major projects in the future, with expected high demand for tower cranes.

• In Abu Dhabi eight tower cranes, five Liebherr 154 EC-H 10s, two 245 EC-H 12s and a refurbished 245 EC-H 12 have been used on construction of the “Between the Bridges” luxury resort which includes a 214 room five star hotel, on a 99 m water frontage between the Al-Maqtaa and al Musafa bridges and is scheduled for completion this year. With the project directly under the flight path into Abu Dhabi International Airport, strict compliance has been required regarding crane height, with a maximum hook height of 42 m. The cranes have jibs between 60 and 65 m and maximum lifting capacity is 10 tonnes and 12 tonnes for the 154 EC-H 10s and 245 EC-H 12s, respectively.

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