PTC moved fully rigged on SPMT

03 March 2009

Fully rigged Mammoet PTC-DS 1,600 tonne capacity ring crane weighing 2,080 tonnes being moved on sel

Fully rigged Mammoet PTC-DS 1,600 tonne capacity ring crane weighing 2,080 tonnes being moved on self ptopelled modular transporters (SPMT)

Mammoet used self propelled modular transporters to move its fully rigged 1,600 tonne capacity PTC-DS ring crane at a power station in Germany. IC reports

International heavy lift and specialized transport contractor Mammoet, was awarded the contract to supply a PTC-DS (double stacked) super heavy lift crane to build one of the largest power stations in Europe

The new brown coal-fired power plant in Neurath, Germany, consists of two identical power units of 1,100 MW each.

Due to the height of the power plant, the PTC-DS had to be modified with a 134.6 m main boom and an additional 69.3m jib, totalling 203.9 m. Basic maximum capacity of the PTC-DS is 1,600 tonnes, with a load moment of 33,705 tonne-metres. The crane and boom reached a tip height of 207.7 m.

"With that it even dwarfed the famous 157 m high Kölner Dom [Cathedral] in nearby Cologne [Köln]," says the company.

A challenge was the relocation of the fully rigged PTC-DS from Block F to Block G. Following an emergency situation at the power plant during its construction, the work was re-scheduled and the crane was returned to its original location at Block F, which was in a later stage of construction.

Mammoet's ring-based cranes are designed to be relocated using purpose built self-propelled modular transporters or SPMTs. In this case 100 axle lines were positioned underneath the ring of the crane for its relocation. Total transport weight of the PTC-DS crane, excluding the SPMTs, was 2,080 tonnes.

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