Pyeroy invests in HAKITEC for marine contracts

15 October 2010

HAKITEC’s Paul Brunt (left) and Pyeroy’s Jack Hayton celebrate new investment in weather protection.

HAKITEC’s Paul Brunt (left) and Pyeroy’s Jack Hayton celebrate new investment in weather protection.

UK industrial services specialist Pyeroy has invested £250,000 in a new HAKITEC 750 weather protection system to improve its services to marine customers.

The move is designed to help the Gateshead-based firm to increase its capacity to support the refitting of Royal Navy vessels and the construction of new ones like the next generation of aircraft carriers currently being built at yards around the UK.

The HAKITEC system lets Pyeroy span much wider areas, providing improved access and protection for its teams of contractors and helping projects complete easier and quicker. Part of the latest investment includes some specially designed and manufactured components so Pyeroy can overcome some of the more complex areas of the vessels.

The new equipment will used on the multi-million pound contract to provide specialist coatings for the Royal Navy's new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers where it will be used to span the 70 m wide flight decks - twice the width of the existing Invincible class aircraft carriers.

Pyeroy is a leader in the provision of specialist protective coatings within the marine sector, and has undertaken in excess of £100 million of contracts over the last seven years on a number of vessels including the three present aircraft carriers: HMS Ark Royal, HMS Illustrious and HMS Invincible.

Jack Hayton, director of Pyeroy's Marine Division, said, "We are working on many contracts and our ongoing success in undertaking these projects for the Royal Navy recognises the skills and workmanship of our workforce.

"We have made the investment in new HAKITEC equipment to ensure our shipyard operations are capable of meeting existing and future customer requirements and delivering high standards of service."

HAKI manufactures weather protection and containment systems and, in addition to manufacturing its own products, provides training and engineering support to Pyeroy.

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