Quality information

07 May 2008

Computer systems are fast, but the accuracy of information they capture, process, and distribute can also benefit maintenance activities. One example, says Graham Dobbs, sales director at inspHire, is the use of its workshop module, which allows remote reporting, to capture information from pre-delivery inspections.

Picture this: A technician, remote device in-hand, goes to an access platform in the depot yard. He enters its identification number, and the system sends and displays the appropriate checklist.

The quality ramifications of even just this step are obvious. If the database is current and accurate, there is no doubting the relevancy and accuracy of the procedure to guide his check.

There is more. The technician enters the results of his checks, in some cases, specific values of measured machine characteristics. The system records and, more importantly, compares the results to stored nominal values. The result is instant, reliable, recorded verification that the machine conforms to quality standards and is ready for dispatch.

The same benefits are possible out on site. The module generates workshop orders and “pushes” them out to the relevant technician. The order describes the required activity and identifies required parts, which improves the technician's preparation for and ability to execute the job.

On completion the technician logs in parts used and time on the job. Data entry can be constrained to “allowed values”, of part numbers, for example, to improve the accuracy of captured information. Mr Dobbs says the system is easier to use than traditional paper forms and pen, stimulating use of the tool to more accurately capture information.

In addition, there are quality benefits for the technician. He doesn't need to complete “paperwork” after returning to the depot or in his hotel room after hours. Mr Dobbs said the inspHire system, “...helps keep the technician on the job, which is where you want them.”

Which is where rental software is now. On the job, receiving and sending accurate, timely information.

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