Quick coupler specialist targets large material handlers

By Steve Ducker19 April 2023

Sweden-based attachment specialist OilQuick has introduced it largest quick coupler so far, with the OQC90 aimed at large material handlers and harbour cranes.

OilQuick OQC90 The OilQuick OCQ90 quick coupler is its largest model so far. (Photo: OilQuick)

The product is based on the OQC suspended quick coupler, which is mainly designed for use on loading and recycling cranes and other handling equipment.

The original OQC system consists of a rugged 360° rotator mounted on a fully hydraulic quick coupler with the unit suspended from the handling equipment’s stick.

With the OQC90, the same principle applies, but the product is much stronger.

Capable of lifting up to 68 t, it has a 100 A electrical swivel connection and up to four hydraulic connections.

OilQuick said: “Using the OQC system you can stay comfortable and safe in the cab while switching lifting hooks, wood chip buckets, clamshell grapples, grapples and magnets etc. All with just a push of a button.”

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