Quick turnaround

25 April 2008

Constructing a 'Boomerang' Shaped Building in Hamburg, Called for an innovative formwork solution to fast track the construction. The new 18000 m2 office complex, designed by Berlin-based architect Pysall. Ruge, is formed by two opposing boomerang shaped wings which are rotated through 90° above the third floor to create a central atrium.

Main contractor Müller-Altvatter worked with formwork specialist Peri to find a solution to speed up the work on site and complete the project within 13 months.

Peri proposed using its Skydeck panel slab formwork with the drophead system to allow the contractor to strike each new floor the day after pouring. The curved edges of the boomerang shapes were formed using pre-assembled Uniportal slab tables and the 490 circular concrete columns were cast using Peri's SRS circular column formwork.

At the height of construction, Müller-Altvatter managed to cast two 1000 m2 floors in under 8 days. Work on site is currently on schedule to be finished before the end of 2006.

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