Quippo to offer power rentals outside India

01 July 2008

Quippo Power Rentals

Quippo Power Rentals

Quippo Energy Rental, the power rental division of Quippo Infrastructure Equipment Ltd - India's largest rental company - is to enter the Bangladesh and Indonesian markets by 2009, according to reports.

Indian publication DNA (Daily News & Analysis) said the power rental division was already renting out 27 MW of combined heat and power cooling (CHPC) equipment in India, and was now ready to offer the gas-based power systems in the two other markets.

Hemant Pincha, chief executive officer of Quippo Energy Rental, said; "We have succeeded in building our business on the CHPC system, through which we supply electricity at lower costs to our clients, who can save the capital for investing in their core competence".

Mr Pimcha said the Indian market had the potential for 1000 MW of rental power over the next four years, with Quippo hoping for a 50% share. "We plan to invest Rs1500 crore [€200 million] in the next four years" said Mr Pincha.

The CHPC cogeneration plants use natural gas as their fuel.

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