Raimondi tower cranes for Australian developer

One Raimondi LRH174 assembles another One Raimondi LRH174 helps to assemble another on the Archibald Towers site in Brisbane, Australia. Photo: Raimondi

Strictly Cranes in Australia sold two new Raimondi hydraulic luffers for a project in New South Wales.

The two 10 tonne capacity LRH174s were the first of this model sold to the developer Aland. It now has seven Raimondi tower cranes in its fleet.

The project is Archibald Towers in the waterfront city of Gosford, Brisbane. It is a high-rise mixed-use development with 323 apartments, a 130 room hotel, and food outlets.

Commenting on the crane Ramey Alkhoshaibi, Strictly Cranes founder and commercial director, said, “The LRH174, compared to a traditional electric winch and cable model, is seamlessly installed with the jib fully assembled at ground level in a single lift. It has smoother and speedy movements, along with greater lifting performances and enhanced safety.”

Raimondi LRH174 hydraulic luffing jib tower cranes in Brisbane Strictly Cranes sold two new Raimondi LRH174 luffing jib tower cranes to developer Aland. Photo: Raimondi

Freestanding height

Strictly Cranes erected the new cranes with 45 metre jibs to a freestanding height of 84.5 metres. The out of service radius was 13.8 metres. The 45 kW main winches have a rope drum capacity of 600 metres and maximum hoisting speed of 190 metres a minute.

Strictly Cranes will carry out monthly maintenance and handle the external climbing when required until one of the cranes achieves its final height of 115 metres.

The cranes are due to remain onsite for around 18 months.

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