Ramirent in €10 million pulp mill project

12 August 2015

Erik Alteryd, senior vice president Ramirent Sweden and Denmark.

Erik Alteryd, senior vice president Ramirent Sweden and Denmark.

Leading rental equipment company Ramirent has signed an exclusive project agreement with NCC, the company implementing the ground preparation work, facilities construction and building construction work for the expansion of the Södra Cell Värö factory in Sweden.

The project, which includes setting up a customer centre and training unit on site, is worth an estimated €10 million and is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2016.

Last year, Södra Cell AB decided to invest in a major expansion of its Södra Cell Värö pulp mill, 60km south of Gothenburg. The expansion involves an increase in production capacity of more than 60% from the current 385000 t to 635000 t of pulp annually. The mill will be one of the world’s largest producers of softwood sulphate pulp.

“With this undertaking, we once again obtain the opportunity to deliver a unique comprehensive solution to our customer,” said Erik Alteryd, senior vice president of Ramirent Sweden and Denmark.

“We are also very pleased to be able to contribute to the safety and good working environment in the project in the form of risk assessment, training, not least with Ramirent’s unique fall protection system, GuardLite.

“Ramirent’s commitment at Södra Cell Värö is fully in line with our strategy to deliver more than machines.”

A dedicated Ramirent project manager will remain onsite in Värö throughout the project, while the company’s subsidiary Safety Solution Jonsereds will provide the security.

Ramirent has previously delivered total solutions for the expansion of mining operations at Garpenberg and in the ongoing Urban Escape Stockholm project. The company had sales of €614 million in 2014 and operates in 10 countries.

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