Ramirent wins Swedish EcoOnline award

26 April 2016

Finnish rental company Ramirent said it had reduced the number of chemicals used in all its operations by up to 46%.

The company said its Ramirent Sweden division had won the EcoOnline Award, which is given to companies working proactively with safe handling of chemicals.

Ramirent Sweden said it had worked with EcoOnline since 2012 and supported the implementation of EcoOnline in the rest of Ramirent countries.

The company said a great number of chemicals were used every day at construction sites from strong detergents and fuels to industrial oils.

It said many of them could be harmful to people and the environment if not used correctly. EcoOnline provides specialised information about chemicals in an easily accessible format, helping employees and customers handle chemicals safely.

Ramirent CEO Magnus Rosén said, “Ramirent wants to improve its industry by providing services in combination with equipment that helps create sustainable work sites and that improve our industry. This prize shows that we can also with small measures improve.

“In this case the improvement is related to chemicals management. Our chemicals management system protects our employees, the environment and saves time. We also aim to make it available to our customers in more of our operating countries in 2016.”

EU legislation includes over 800 laws that regulate the use of chemicals. EcoOnline is said to help navigate through the complicated legislation and helps both employees and customers handle chemicals safely.

The EcoOnline award promotes companies that make risk assessments, work proactively and have a strategy on how to exchange harmful chemicals in the web-based chemicals register called EcoArchive.

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