Record Bisso Extraction

19 March 2008

Bisso Marine has claimed a salvage record for an operation in the Gulf of Mexico. It used its 3,000 US ton pulling and 5,000 ton lifting (2,721 and 4,536 tonne, respectively) capacity Barge 415 to extract a 130 foot (40 m) long 425 ton (386 tonne) LeTourneau-designed 84 class leg and can section from a penetrated depth of 82 feet (25 m) of mud

As part of the continuing operation to clean up damage caused by Hurricane Rita, it was the first of three leg and can sections that are in 230 feet (70 m) of water.

Bisso designed a barge and worked with the rig owner to develop the capability to physically pull the leg and can sections from the sea bed. Barge 415 has a maximum pull of 3,000 tons over the stern and has a side lift capability of 5,000 tons.

Using 1,600 tons (1,452 tonnes) of force the first 30 x 30 foot (9 x 9 m) square 84 Class leg section was moved from an angle of about 45 degrees to vertical. Next a force of between 2,000 and 2,500 tons (1,814 an d 2,268 tonnes), depending on the sea state, was applied until the leg and the 46 foot (14 m) diameter can were suspended clear of the sea bed.

To assist the pulling efforts of Barge 415, airlifting and jetting using high volume and high pressure air compressors was done from the the D/B Boaz. In addition, Bisso used some of its 10 x 6, four-stage Super Jet Pumps to assist with the extrication. They are self contained units delivering 2,800 gallons per minute (10,600 litres/min) at 1,150 psi (79 bar) and are driven by 1,600 hp (1,192 kW) Cummins KTA50 engines.

It took seven days of pulling, airlifting and jetting to stand the leg and can vertical and extract it.

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