Record breaker

07 March 2008

Indeco HP 18000

Indeco HP 18000

Indeco has unveiled what is claimed to be the largest hydraulic breaker in the world. The HP 18000, which has an operating weight of more than 11 tonnes and stands more than 4.6 m high, was unveiled at the Samoter exhibition in Italy.

At the launch of the new breaker, Indeco said to D&Ri, "The new automatic power and speed variation system makes the Indeco giant more sensitive, and so more adaptable to the material it is demolishing. Also, the CDPS, or Collateral Damage Prevention System, sends a signal to the operator if the breaker is operating in sub-optimal conditions, warning him to stop working so as to prevent any damage."

Indeco gave the HP 18000 its US launch at ConExpo. The unit unveiled in Las Vages will soon be going to work on a foundations project in Manhatten, New York, for Urban Engineering.

Pictured in front of the huge breaker at the unveiling ceremony in Verona is Mauro Vitulano, president of Indeco (right) with his son Michele Vitulano, the company's international marketing director.

Technical Data HP 18000

Excavator class: 60-140 t
Breaker operating weight: 11050 kg
Steel diameter: 250 mm
Oil flow: 420-520 l/min
Pressure adjusted to the breaker: 150-180 bar
Pressure adjusted to the excavator: 230 bar
Back-pressure max: 12 bar
Energy class per blow: 25000 J
Striking rate per minute: 240-460

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