Record breaking order for Brokk

23 January 2019

Sweden-based demolition robot manufacturer Brokk has received its biggest order in its 40-year history.

A total of 60 of the company’s robots with multiple tools and attachments will be delivered to a customer in Asia within Brokk’s Security & Rescue business area.

Brokk web

Brokk is supplying a total of 60 machines to a customer in Asia

Brokk robots, which have been well known in construction for many years, are also used in post-disaster recovery.

In these situations, the Brokk machines are used in activities following natural disasters, severe accidents, terrorist attacks, and similar.

The machines are equipped with technology for both short and long-distance remote control, which removes the operator from the high-risk areas the machines are intended to work in.

Furthermore, Brokk says that after a disaster event it is difficult to predict exactly what challenges you might face, so the machines being able to easily switch and use a wide variety of tools is highly valuable, as the same machine can move, lift, demolish, cut and dig its way through difficult conditions and terrain.

“Following the initial rescue work after a disaster there comes the challenge to get the infrastructure back up and working again,” says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk.

“This clean-up and rehabilitation work can go on for a long time. Our robots have the capacity and flexibility to be used in both phases.”

Delivery is scheduled for later in 2019.

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