Record cable break test

06 September 2011

The smaller pendant has a breaking strength of 3000 kN, while the large cable has a breaking strengt

The smaller pendant has a breaking strength of 3000 kN, while the large cable has a breaking strength of 9000 kN. The diameter of the small cable is about 60 mm, the large cable has a diameter of 120

FibreMax has performed a record-breaking 9000 kN (more than 900 tonne) break load test on an aramid fibre cable as part of a Lloyd's certification project for one of its customers.

The test was performed at Mennens in Dongen, The Netherlands on the company's 13.500 kN test bench and was witnessed by the customer and a surveyor of Lloyd's Register, said FibreMax, a specialist producer of fibre cables and pendants.

The required break strength of the cable was 9000 kN. After pre-loading of the cable in a controlled sequence up to 75% of the breaking strength the cable was pulled to break.

"At an astonishing load of 9553 kN (974 tonnes) the cable was still not broken, but the test was stopped to prevent damage to the test auxiliary hardware. When the cable was loaded for a second time it finally broke at 9134 kN (931 tonnes), still well over the required 9000 kN," said a company spokesman. "This result proves that due to the unique Endless Winding Technology of FibreMax it is possible to load up cables to 90% of the breaking strength without any problem."

The cable was designed with 'open spelter socket' end terminations. It was produced with aramid Twaron fibres from Teijin Aramid.

It is the first time that an aramid cable of this size has been produced and succesfully pulled to break, claimed FibreMax. The cable was about 100 mm in diameter and weighed just 8.50 kg per metre.

Final production of the cables for this project will start in the next few weeks, said the manufacturer. Delivery to the customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, will be later this year. As soon as the cables have been produced, Lloyd's Register will issue a certification of approval, added FibreMax.

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