Recycling to come to Tamil Nadu

By Lindsay Gale11 August 2014

According to media reportshe Indian state of Tamil Nadu is to establish a facility to separately handle constructions and demolition waste to recycle as much of this material as possible with the aim of avoiding waste being dumped on vacant land, in wells, drains and water bodies and alongside road, as happens currently.

An additional aim to to keep this waste separate from the domestic waste stream which currently is the case. The Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Corporation estimates that some 500-600 tonnes of construction and demolition waste is generated in the state every week, with only a small percentage of this currently reaching the Corporation's facilities at Vellalore or Ukkadam.

According to the proposal, wood, metals, brick and other waste will be recycled. Concrete, masonry and other clean waste will be used as coarse aggregate, concrete masonry, sand and silt will be used as fine aggregate and fine concrete will be used in paving blocks.

Funding to pay for the facility will come from government (90%) and civic bodies (10%). However, those generating the waste will be charged on a 'polluter pays' basis to make the project sustainable on a long term basis.

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