Rental crime in spotlight at Verhuurnet conference

By Murray Pollok05 January 2011

Netherlands rental companies will gather on 27 January for the annual Optimaal Verhuren (Optimal Rental ) conference, being held at the Expo Center Houten near Utrecht.

The theme of the conference is fraud, theft prevention, credit management and debt collection, and is being organised by Verhuurnet, the Netherlands rental association and theft prevention organisation.

Speakers will include Niels Langezaal, who will discuss credit management and debt collection; Hessel Dooper, of the Department of Industry Development at Bouwend Nederland, who will describe a plan to reduce by a quarter thefts from construction sites; and Fred van Kaam, an experienced equipment insurance specialist at Centraal Beheer Achmea.

The topic of internal fraud will be covered by Ron Nieuwendijk, a former police detective who is now a private investigator, and Raymond Arnold of lawyers Veghel will discuss bankruptcy law and business to business debt collection.

The conference starts at 11.00 am. Included is a small table top exhibition with anti-theft and asset tracking technology companies including RentalCheck, Oribi and Allsetra.

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