Rental offers solution to Covid-19 uncertainty

10 June 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on the construction sector has been felt differently across Europe, with different levels of activity in different countries. Even though we are beginning to emerge from the Covid-19 lockdowns in Europe and construction activity is expected to resume or increase, there is still a great deal of uncertainty for contractors and other equipment stakeholders in the construction sector.

Few projects have been launched since the crisis began and it is not clear to what extent the construction market in Europe will recover over the next 12-18 months, whether the virus will return or how much public authorities will support the sector by investing in housing and infrastructure projects.

With this in mind, the construction equipment rental sector is in a strong position to provide solutions to the short- and long-term challenges in the industry. As well as providing the flexibility to obtain the right piece of equipment for the job at hand, renting construction equipment is a great way of minimising financial risk by providing a less costly alternative to ownership.

Furthermore, with the longer-term uncertainty around whether or not new construction projects will emerge, rental avoids the unnecessary risk of investing in equipment without knowing whether it will be utilised or sit idle. On top of this, there is also the additional benefit of being able to access the latest equipment and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

If you are interested in knowing the real cost of owning and operating equipment, our free and independent TCO Calculator can help you make the right choice when deciding whether to own, rent or lease equipment.

Watch our video to see all the benefits of the TCO Calculator, or try it online before registering. The TCO Calculator covers general construction equipment <5 tonnes and excavators and loaders (wheel and track) >15 tonnes, and can be used to compare the annual, monthly and daily costs. The Calculator can also be embedded on your website free of charge, bringing the benefits directly to your customers.

If you have any questions about the ERA or the TCO Calculator, please visit our website or contact the ERA team at

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