Rental revenues up at Kanamoto

By Steve Ducker09 September 2015

Japanese rental company Kanamoto has reported a year-on-year revenue increase of 6.8% for the nine months ending 31 July.

The company said that though the Japanese market had maintained its modest recovery, the future outlook was still uncertain.

Kanamoto’s total sales were just under ¥99 billion (€733 million). Net income was 4.2% up at the three-quarter stage.

Construction equipment rental demand remained strong in the Tohoku Region, reflecting full-scale earthquake reconstruction works and decontamination-related efforts.

In other regions, several areas were negatively affected by lower public works budgets and experienced a large drop in demand from the previous year, but generally there was little year-to-year change, and overall rental revenues remained solid.

In total, construction equipment rental accounted for almost ¥92 billion (€680 million) of total revenue, with profit of almost ¥12 billion (€88 million).

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